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5 things I discovered travelling solo in 40s, leaving hubby and kids at home

Posted by Giulia Iannucci on Friday, February 21, 2020,

When last year I announced that I would take a week travelling by myself a few eyebrows were raised… why on earth would I take a holiday on my own? Was everything ok with my husband? Was I really going to enjoy being alone in a new city for a week? The simple truth is that as a mum of 3, a wife of a husband who needs to travel abroad every week for his work, and an entrepreneur, I simply needed time to rest, reconnect, and basically think.
At the end of this A.MA.Z.I.N.G. holiday here are a ...

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For the sake of your girls, stop saying ‘boys being boys’!

Posted by Giulia Iannucci on Sunday, July 15, 2018,

The other day, my eldest son, age 7, asked me a quite interesting question: why is it that in all of his books the villains are always boys?
I never thought about it but in reflection it seems quite true. In fact, a Nielsen research on the top 100 children books showed that in 2017 “male villains were eight times more likely to appear compared to female villains”. The same study shows another interesting fact: the lead characters are 50% more likely to be male.
Basically, this shows that si...

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